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Drummers Sharing Tips, Tricks and Knowledge on subjects such as Drum Tuning, Drum Rudiments, Paradiddles, Shuffles, Groove Ideas,
Drum Kit Dynamics, Drum Fills, Triplets, Drum Micing, Drum Recording, Changing Drum Heads and so much more.

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The Secret to Bass Drum Speed

by Drummeretc on 06/20/2011 | 6,226 Views | 2 Comments

The Secret to Bass Drum Speed by Stephen Taylor - http://drummeretc.com

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Let's Trade Fours: Rock @ 120 BPM

by drumennut on 02/11/2011 | 3,958 Views | 3 Comments

This is a play along video of me trading fours with you. Plug in your head phones and let's trade fours. If this works I plan on doing lots of styles and tempos.  It starts off simple and gets more complex as it goes, but I never really get to crazy so you should be able to play right along and have fun.  Let me know if there are any styles you would like to trade fours in.  Thanks

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Getting better at gospel / linear fills: Bass drum speed 1

by drumennut on 01/29/2011 | 8,066 Views | 0 Comments

Here is a simple exercise that will help you get faster at doubles and singles in succession on the bass drum. It is also a good warm up exercise and if moved around the kit makes a decent fill. Sticking: R L K K R K L K R L K K R K L K R L K K R L K K R K L K R K L K

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Billy Ashbaugh: Practicing With The Click

by billy ashbaugh on 11/15/2010 | 75,022 Views | 24 Comments

For today’s lesson I’ll discuss several different concepts on practicing with the click. Topics included, tips on how to get more from your practice time with the click, ways to better lock with the click track, the importance of using the click track, as well as the benefits and downside. This one’s a bit long but worth the watch. Enjoy!

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Billy Ashbaugh: Hi-Hat Up Beat Groove Idea #1

by billy ashbaugh on 10/30/2010 | 15,045 Views | 3 Comments

Today’s lesson will take a look at playing the & or up beat pattern on the hi-hat during a groove. For now the snare will continue to play a nice solid rim shot for beats 2 & 4. This can feel a little strange if it’s your first time trying this. We’re going to ease into this by only playing 8th note figures on the kick drum for now. Don’t forget to download the PDF file for 12 one bar grooves to practice. Enjoy!

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Billy Ashbaugh: Bass Drum Techniuqe

by billy ashbaugh on 09/30/2010 | 9,480 Views | 7 Comments

Today’s lesson will take a look at some bass drum techniques I’ve worked on over the years. I’ll cover topics about how to strike the drum (heel up vs. heel down) as well as what to do after you strike the drum (burying the beater vs. letting the beater come up off the head). I’ll also share a couple of ways to work on playing two quick notes back to back with a single pedal. Enjoy!

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Billy Ashbaugh: Heel Toe Hi-Hat Workout #1

by billy ashbaugh on 08/22/2010 | 8,697 Views | 0 Comments

In today's lesson we're going to incorporate our heel toe hi-hat technique into a groove setting. We're going to cover playing both the downbeat and upbeat with our opening hi-hat pattern while we practice playing the rhythms from the download PDF on the kick drum. This is a great workout for your hi-hat foot. Enjoy!

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Billy Ashbaugh: Heel Toe Hi-Hat Technique

by billy ashbaugh on 08/13/2010 | 7,952 Views | 7 Comments

For today’s lesson we’re going to look at a technique used to create an open and closed hi-hat effect by using your left foot only. Get ready for a left leg workout! Once you get this concept down, it’s a great way to spice up a groove.

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Djembe Lesson: The Djembe as a Drum Set by Mark Haas

by webadmin on 06/15/2010 | 7,008 Views | 0 Comments

This is my interpretation of Djembe playing. It is not exactly traditional, but it is how I use the Djembe to exemplify the drum set.

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Drum Lesson - Funk Groove 3 - Vanz Drumming

by webadmin on 06/15/2010 | 5,139 Views | 5 Comments

Well, here is another Funky Groove for ya. Enjoy. Randy Van Patten www.vanzdrumming.com

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