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Drum Lessons: Drum Kit Dynamics - Page 1

Drummers Sharing Tips, Tricks and Knowledge on subjects such as Drum Tuning, Drum Rudiments, Paradiddles, Shuffles, Groove Ideas,
Drum Kit Dynamics, Drum Fills, Triplets, Drum Micing, Drum Recording, Changing Drum Heads and so much more.

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Billy Ashbaugh: Blues Shuffle #3 Workout #1

by billy ashbaugh on 11/06/2010 | 11,013 Views | 9 Comments

Today’s lesson is going to add some more ghost notes to our hand pattern. These two tiny notes really help to propel the groove forward. Don’t forget to download the PDF file for the kick drum patterns to workout with. Enjoy! 

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Billy Ashbaugh: 1/2 Time Shuffle #4 - Workout #1

by billy ashbaugh on 10/22/2010 | 6,707 Views | 0 Comments

This is the final version of adding ghost notes to our 1/2 Time Shuffle. Today we're going to add the middle triplet to beat 3. This can be a little tricky at first. Remember you have to still hit the back beat as a rim shot then quietly tap the ghost note immediately after. I recommend getting the hand pattern down first, before you try playing the kick drum patterns from the PDF download. This is my favorite version to play. Enjoy!

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Billy Ashbaugh: Funk Shuffle Workout Part 5

by billy ashbaugh on 09/23/2010 | 6,978 Views | 0 Comments

Today we’re going to expand our Rhythms that were playing on the kick drum during this Funk Shuffle Groove Workout. We’re still keeping the same hand pattern for now. Things are getting funky, so remember to slow everything down when first digging into this stuff. Enjoy!

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Billy Ashbaugh: Heel Toe Hi-Hat Workout #2

by billy ashbaugh on 09/11/2010 | 7,132 Views | 0 Comments

In Part 2, we’re going to get a little busier with the kick drum. It’s time to introduce a few 16th note rhythms. For now we’re going to keep the two variations of the opening hat, both on the downbeat and also on the upbeat. The ride will continue with straight 8th notes with a solid 2 and 4 on the snare. Don’t forget to download the PDF file with kick drum rhythms. Enjoy! 

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Billy Ashbaugh: Funk Groove Accent Exercise Part 1

by billy ashbaugh on 09/05/2010 | 8,771 Views | 2 Comments

This lesson explores the concept of quickly opening the hi-hat as accents during a groove. This is some funky stuff and sounds great in a mid-tempo funk groove. Be sure and download the PDF with 12 one bar rhythms for you to workout with on the kick drum and hi-hat. Enjoy!

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Billy Ashbaugh: Heel Toe Hi-Hat Workout #1

by billy ashbaugh on 08/22/2010 | 8,697 Views | 0 Comments

In today's lesson we're going to incorporate our heel toe hi-hat technique into a groove setting. We're going to cover playing both the downbeat and upbeat with our opening hi-hat pattern while we practice playing the rhythms from the download PDF on the kick drum. This is a great workout for your hi-hat foot. Enjoy!

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Billy Ashbaugh: Heel Toe Hi-Hat Technique

by billy ashbaugh on 08/13/2010 | 7,952 Views | 7 Comments

For today’s lesson we’re going to look at a technique used to create an open and closed hi-hat effect by using your left foot only. Get ready for a left leg workout! Once you get this concept down, it’s a great way to spice up a groove.

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Polyrhythmic Hi-Hat Ostinato (3rd Sixteenth) Drum Lesson: How To Play Polyrhythms Within Drum Beats

by webadmin on 06/16/2010 | 8,187 Views | 4 Comments

http://www.DrumsTheWord.com This video is about a cool idea I've seen Gavin Harrison and Danny Carey demonstrate at clinics and on video. These drummers are able to play odd grouped Hi-Hat ostinatos over the top of even metered grooves. This creates a polyrhythm between the Hi-Hat and the Snare and Bass drum where it sounds like the Hi-Hat is playing one rhythm while the Snare and Bass play another. In this video I'll show you exactly how to construct a certain type of polyrhythmic groove and hopefully give you some new and exciting ideas to work on. The written notation for each example will be appearing at the bottom of the screen as I play. Please rate and/or comment this video if you found it useful. I'd love to know what you think! WARNING: Contains stupid sense of humour. For many other FREE drum lessons, videos, articles, drum charts, ideas and lots of drumming inspiration please visit... http://www.DrumsTheWord.com If you wish to book drum lessons with me and you live in South... more...

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Advanced Drum Lessons : How to Practice Flam & Flam Accents on Drums

by webadmin on 06/15/2010 | 4,195 Views | 4 Comments

Practice flam and flam accents on drums; learn how with tips from our expert drummer and drum instructor in this free drumming video music lesson. Expert: James Roland Colonna Bio: James Roland Colonna was accepted into the MSU school of music in 1999 and was on the MSU drumline from 99-02. Filmmaker: Robert Rogers

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Billy Ashbaugh: Cymbal Swells

by billy ashbaugh on 06/06/2010 | 9,988 Views | 10 Comments

Today’s lesson is going to take a look at a few different ways to use cymbal swells behind the kit.

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