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Drum Lessons: Triplets - Page 1

Drummers Sharing Tips, Tricks and Knowledge on subjects such as Drum Tuning, Drum Rudiments, Paradiddles, Shuffles, Groove Ideas,
Drum Kit Dynamics, Drum Fills, Triplets, Drum Micing, Drum Recording, Changing Drum Heads and so much more.

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"Easy Drum Fill but Advanced Speed" - The Helicopter - DRUM LESSON

by Drummeretc on 06/07/2011 | 7,285 Views | 4 Comments

An easy concept that sounds hard when sped up. http://DrummerEtc.com - Stephen Taylor

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Billy Ashbaugh: The Para Triplet

by billy ashbaugh on 09/17/2010 | 9,864 Views | 4 Comments

In today’s lesson I’m going to break down and explain the Para Triplet. Enjoy!

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Billy Ashbaugh: 16th Note Triplet Chop Builder Part 1

by billy ashbaugh on 06/27/2010 | 12,424 Views | 10 Comments

Today’s lesson will explore playing a steady flow of 16th Note Triplets as doubles while catching accents written out on the PDF download. This one is fun!!

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Drum Lesson - John Bonham Triplets, Van's Cool Drumming Tips

by webadmin on 06/16/2010 | 4,730 Views | 1 Comments

Just some triplets between the bass and tom or snare. Inspired by John Bonham. Enjoy. RVP

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Gavin Harrison: Rhythmic Designs - Left Flam Triplet Lesson

by webadmin on 06/15/2010 | 7,265 Views | 4 Comments

In this lesson, Gavin Harrison shows some uses of one of his favorite rudiments, the Left Hand Flam Triplet. Excerpted from his DVD/Book combo - Rhythmic Designs, which features songs by Gavin and 05Ric. More information available at www.HudsonMusic.com!

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Advanced Drum Lessons : How to Practice Flam & Flam Accents on Drums

by webadmin on 06/15/2010 | 4,195 Views | 4 Comments

Practice flam and flam accents on drums; learn how with tips from our expert drummer and drum instructor in this free drumming video music lesson. Expert: James Roland Colonna Bio: James Roland Colonna was accepted into the MSU school of music in 1999 and was on the MSU drumline from 99-02. Filmmaker: Robert Rogers

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Billy Ashbaugh: Triplet Accent Exercise Part 2

by billy ashbaugh on 05/15/2010 | 9,208 Views | 5 Comments

In this lesson we’re going to take the accent patterns from Part 1 and begin to move them around the kit. These exercises are great for fill and solo ideas. Enjoy!

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Billy Ashbaugh: Applying Triplets to Fills Part 2

by billy ashbaugh on 04/16/2010 | 4,075 Views | 0 Comments

It’s time to expand on our Triplet Rhythms to practice around the kit as fills. Today we’re going to add the 1st & last triplet possibility to our exercises! Enjoy!

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Billy Ashbaugh: Triplet Roll Warm-Up's

by billy ashbaugh on 04/08/2010 | 9,923 Views | 3 Comments

In this lesson, I’m going to share a few of the warm-up exercises I’ve used over the years involving Triplet Rolls. Enjoy!

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Billy Ashbaugh: Triplet Roll

by billy ashbaugh on 04/01/2010 | 8,931 Views | 7 Comments

Today we look at one of my favorite rudiments to warm up on, the Triplet Roll. Enjoy!

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