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Drum Lessons: Drum Fills Ideas - Page 10

Drummers Sharing Tips, Tricks and Knowledge on subjects such as Drum Tuning, Drum Rudiments, Paradiddles, Shuffles, Groove Ideas,
Drum Kit Dynamics, Drum Fills, Triplets, Drum Micing, Drum Recording, Changing Drum Heads and so much more.

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Tribal Flam Tom Pattern

by King on 04/24/2008 | 20,461 Views | 5 Comments

When in the woodshed one can often come up with some really weird stuff. Here I'm keeping time with my feet while playing a flam pattern on top. It makes for a really cool tribal beat when the two finally come together.

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Triplet Fill Variations Part 2

by King on 04/21/2008 | 11,105 Views | 0 Comments

Triplet pattern starting a quarter note pulse with the hands and ending the triplet out with the feet. H-Hands F-Feet Start with HFF HFF HFF on the snare drum and then work around the toms slowly making sure all strokes are equal in height and volume. 

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Triplet Fill Variations Part 1

by King on 04/09/2008 | 16,374 Views | 1 Comments

Here are just a few of the many different ways you can play triplet patterns by alternating your sticking, and moving around the kit. Explore all of the possibilities!

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Ray Luzier Fill

by King on 03/31/2008 | 21,746 Views | 3 Comments

There are plenty of musicians out there that don't receive enough credit and Ray Luzier is certainly no exception. This is a fill alternating between the right and left hands,it almost has a swing feel to it as you speed it up.

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Korn Tom Pattern

by King on 02/16/2008 | 20,485 Views | 1 Comments

Ok, so Korn didn't invent this drumlick but Dave Silveria was a huge influence of mine and he was the first drummer to bring it to my attention. Sounds just like the infamous "In the Air Tonight" fill, you're just adding diddles on your bass drum to fill in the rests.  

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